Working Title: Auxiliary Mission Parameters

By Kyle Powers

Chapter 1: Emergency landing.

Liam Et'unt awoke seconds before the alarm went off, silencing it halfway through its first shriek. He sighed as he clambered out of his bunk and floated up to the cockpit to relieve Ueme, who'd been piloting the small asteroid mining rig for the past three days.
“Go get some rest Ueme, your shift's up and I’m eager to fly my ship again.”
She jumped, startled at the sudden sound in the otherwise dead silence. “Jeezus Liam, give me a heart attack why don't you! Is it time to change already?”
“Yah, I think Nals'll be up to relieve Brenan soon so if you wanna stop him in the halls and--”
“Thanks! But I gotta get some rest!” she cut him off.
“Heh, well catch some sleep while you can Ueme!”

He watched her jump out of the command chair, and with a quick push, glid effortlessly out of the cramped cockpit and towards the crew quarters. Hmm, Nals is lucky she took such a liking to him, he thought as the last bit of her tail disappeared through the hatch. Time to get to work I guess, he keyed the mic to see if Brenan was still running the mining laser.
“This is Liam, Nals meltin the rocks now, or is Brenan still up there?”