By Kyle Powers


When my suit pressure blows out my faceplate I'll only have 'bout eleven seconds; whadda I want ta say....
We tossed Jeff in the airlock, so I don't needta try'n explain what happened.
I'll have 'bout two minutes before the vacuum kills me, maybe ol' Jeff'll pull me in by then.
*ch ch ch ch*
Heh, the silver mist from my air leakin out looks neat. maybe I can stay conscious a bit longer if the air stays on. Well. here goes nothin.
I wonder if it's true that your life flashes before yah die.

"This Is Colonel Adam Beneke of the Murphy's Folly. Lieutenant Jeffrey Meigs is aboard ship, status unknown, if he's alive he'll tell yah what happened."

"Molly, I love yah and the kids, I can only pray this message get ta y- uuuhhk uhh uh

"Ugh, damnit Jeff, you alright?"

"Yeah... I think so".

"You were unconscious when we tossed ya in here, how the hell'd you manage ta get me in before I kicked it?"

"I woke up twenty minutes ago and saw you just staring out inta the void. When ya turned and looked toward the ship I saw yer helmet blow and rushed out ta get ya. Ya were only in vaccum fer, a minute or so. What the hell happened?"

"I dunno, Frank started hittin the damn thing out there and screamin inta the mic. I dunn even know what he was sayin... I just sat there an watched him pull his helmet off and start smashing at mine until he just stopped. And what the hell happened to you ? One minute yer looking around that... that artifact they was callin it, then ya jump back and go ta sleep!"

"I dunno what happened. I... I saw... something. And the next thing I know, I'm in here looking out at you just floating there. Your helmet pops and you didn't even try ta push off toward the Jewel."