By Kyle Powers


- 2613 -
We've known that the ARGUS bug was in everything, it's just been sitting there doing nothing, twenty years of nothing and then suddenly everything just stopped...

— Please state your name for the record before you continue.

Yah, sorry.

My name is Alister Donne. On July fifteenth four of my friends and I were camping in the Nahmakanta park west of Millinocket. None of us were using our tech since we'd already made it to our camping spot. Two days in I noticed that my wristcom had gone out, which I thought was odd, but it wasn't until Amy, one of the other four in our group, opened her computer to get a heading for the river that we knew something was wrong.

At first it just wouldn't work, it would try to boot, run some code and fail. a few hours later it booted up with a message from that damn AI.